• PEcAn 1.1

    The PEcAn version 1.1 source code includes an R package with functions and R scripts used to run the PEcAn workflow. The PEcAn 1.1 Virtual Machine can reproduce all of the computational steps used in the manuscript Facilitating feedbacks between field measurements and ecosystem models (LeBauer et al in press). These files are provided here as an archived reference and accessibility. For further research, we recommend using the latest stable version available at ...

  • PEcAn 1.2.6

    As of September 2012, PEcAn version 1.2.6 is the latest stable version. This version was released for the August 2012 summer course "Assimilating long-term data into ecosystem models" that taught methods advanced by the PalEON project. PEcAn 1.2.6 is being used for ongoing research and applications, while development of PEcAn 1.3 continues. It contains all of the modules described in "version 1.1", with added functionality, improved stability, and improved useability that represents an increasing community of scientists and developers:...

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